Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Pants Fridays!!

I don't think any words properly fit this picture except for oh my goodness, my kid looks so big in this picture!

A Picture Favorite!!

Love this Picture!!!

Taking a Tumble out of the Crib!

A few weeks back, we had quite the scare.  Andrew didnt want to go to sleep and decided that he would take a tumble right out of his crib!  Loudest, most sickening thump we have ever heard!  We ran in there to check and he was on the floor but immediately stood right up and tried to walk right around us with this "whaaaaa, mom??" look on his face.  He ended up being ok minus the pretty nasty rug burn he had on his face!  We got pretty lucky but decided not to take any chances and put his crib tent up.  That's kept us from having any more accidents!

Ahhhh, the tent!

Poor dude's little nose took the brunt of the fall!

Playing with Cousin Liam!

Drew had a blast playing with his cousin Liam and all his fun toys!  Perhaps his favorite was the big climber/slide.  Momma must buy him one of these once we have more room!

These kiddos are only 4 months apart!  What a tall dude I have!!

February Pictures of the Little Dude!

His cheese face:  :)

One of the few snowstorms we had!

Enjoying some blueberries!

Andrew's 2nd Birthday!

I know I kind of fell off the wagon as far as the 365 day challenge but we did manage to snap some pictures at my little dude's 2nd birthday party!  Yes.  2nd. Birthday. Party.   I am not even sure how it's possible that I have a 2 year old but I do.  And I think he had a wonderful time at his party.  He certainly had a lot of people there that love him and nothing beats that!!

Some pics:

 Love this face:

Group hug!



Andrew tried to hug his cake!



All of the wonderful  women in his life!

Loved those balloons!

Finally, a family picture.  :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Only One of the Best Videos Ever!

I love this video.  I mean,  I super duper love this video.  How can I not?  Drew shouting "love you"?  It melts my heart every single time I watch it and I am so happy daddy got in on video!!!