Monday, September 27, 2010

My Little Linebacker!

Drew's 6 month stats:

Weight:  20 lb, 9.5 oz (95th percentile)
Height:  29 inches (100th percentile)

We got ourselves a big 'un!  Maybe he'll be a professional football or hockey player with that size and make his mom and dad lots of money!

We are getting ready to move him to a convertible seat because neither of us can handle carrying him in his infant carrier for much longer.  The boy is heavy!!  The problem is we have to buy 3 seats since we need one for my mom too.  Oh and a new lightweight stroller for her too.  Babies are so expensive!!  But he's well worth it!    

Yikes! I am a Bad Blogger!

It's been way to long since my last update and my little dude is doing so much these days!!  Pictures to come soon but here are the higlights:
  • He's rolling both ways now very proficiently and likes this as his normal mode of transportation.  He gets up on his arms and you can tell he is trying really hard to figure out how to crawl but then he just gives up and starts rolling everywhere.  He can roll across the room in like 15 seconds.  No more leaving him on the floor unattended!
  • He's doing a lot more babbling.  At 6months old, we had our first words!  Mamamamamam was first, followed by babababa.  Now everything is dadadadadada. 
  • He loves to play with Sonny!  We put him in his exersaucer and Sonny will come up to him.  He'll bounce and sonny will bark and then he'll giggle like mad.  They'll repeat this for 20 minutes sometimes!  Very cute.
  • His favorite game is peek-a-boo.  He loves to be scared.  He'll start laughing uncontrollably when you sneak up on him!
  • He's become very clingy lately.  Especially with Steve and I.  We cant leave his sight or he starts screaming until he is picked up.  Once we do pick him up, he clings for awhile and then relaxes.
  • At six months, he has his two bottom teeth and I think we'll have top ones real soon.  Hylands teething tabs has really times.
  • He's sittting up for very short periods but you can see his improvement in this area almost daily.
  • He's doing pretty well with solids.  He loves his oatmeal and barley and loves green beans and sweet potatoes.  He also likes apples and pears.  He's not into carrots or peas but will tolerate them since the kid just loves to eat.  I find him watching me a lot closer now when I eat and he even opens his mouth so I am not sure if he is ready for more yet.  We'll be moving on to meats and other foods in a few weeks!
  • He's standing up in his first wedding!  We have his tux and shoes and he is ready to go.  Can't wait for Aunt Theresa and Uncle Nick's wedding!