Monday, February 28, 2011

Walking...or Should I Say Steps!

This was a big weekend in development for Drew and momma is so proud! 

Drew took his first steps over the weekend!!!  It was amazing to see and though I dont think he quite "got" that he was walking and he was a bit wobbly, he definitely did it!  Mom, dad, Steve and I were all gathered at Steve's folks house for a late birthday celebration and we had him standing up.  Mom stood a few feet away and prompted him.  When she did, he let go of me and he took a few steps on his own to get to her!!  So I guess that wouldnt be walking but more stepping.  Either way, I was proud.

He's also pulling up on everything he can find so I would definitely say he is on his way!  Now all we need is for him to end this food strike and we'll be good to gp!  Ahhhh, life with a toddler.  Wait, a toddler?  When did that happen???

Finally, I bought Drew a pair of sunglasses over the weekend since he loves to play with our glasses so much.  I figured if he had his own pair, he might leave ours alone.  Not so much but he does look super cute!!  Gets me so excited for summer!

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