Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drew's Life at 4 Months

Drew had his well visit on Monday, 7/12 and things went very well:
  • Drew weighs 17.4 pounds (90th percentile) and is 25 3/4 inches long (90th percentile).
  • The doctor was very happy with all the babbling and shrieking Drew did at his appointment.  It was almost like Drew was telling him his concerns, etc.  It was cute!
  • At his two month appointment, the doctor said we may need to get a helmet for Drew because of his flat spot on the back of his head.  The doctor was prettty sure that, because Drew was breech, one of my uterine muscles was pressing up against this spot on his head, causing it to be more flat than it should be.  Well, I am happy to report that through lots of tummy time and keeping him off the back of his head, the doc was pretty sure Drew would not need a helmet!  Very good news indeed!
  • The doctor gave us the go ahead to try oatmeal and barley.  Drew has tried rice cereal already (more on that later).  And also, he said we could move to stage 1 foods in the next few weeks. 
  • Drew got some of his four month vaccines and did fairly well with them.  I decided to break them up so his little body wouldnt have to process so much so he'll go back in a few weeks for the remainder of the shots.  I hate vaccine day but know how important they are!
What Drew is doing right now:
  • Shrieking.  At the top of his lungs.  At this exact moment, it's one of my favorite noises in the whole wide world.  He gets so happy that he really can't contain himself and he starts shrieking with joy!  I love it!!
  • I am pretty sure Drew is left hand dominant at the moment.  He can take his pacifier and put it into his mouth with his left hand.  He can get it close with his right hand but is much better with the left.  He also has started reaching for things with his left hand as well.  I am a leftie so I am a proud mom!
  • He can transfer items from one hand to the other.
  • He's rolling tummy to back but not back to tummy yet.  He gets close but then rolls back. 
  • Drew has slept the last two nights without the swaddle and has done very well.  I am not sure if that is because he is ready to be unswaddled or if its the generic Tylenol I am giving him before bed because of his vaccines.  Hopefully, it continues!
  • Drew is very happy in the morning and loves to start talking right away.  He's also full of smiles when you get him out of his crib.  Love it!!
  • He is still loving bath time.  He loves to kick those legs and splash the water.  By the time we are done, I am soaked and I LOVE every minute of it!
  • Drew is fascinated with his dog Sonny.  He could stare at her for hours and follows her all around with his eyes.
  • He stil loves to eat but we notice now that he is becoming more distracted with the things going on around him and he's much more interested in that than eating.  Sometimes it's a struggle to get 30 oz in him and other days, he'll be happy to eat 40 oz.
  • He's had rice cereal for about a week now.  Pics coming soon.  I dont think he is thrilled with the taste or the consistency of the cereal but he knows what to do with the spoon.  As soon as we lift it from the bowl, he follows it and opens his mouth.   I cant wait to try other foods with him!
  • His exczema is definitely under control now that we only bathe every other day in water with no bubbles.  Also, the cream is really helping to keep it under control and his spots look a million times better!
Finally, a pic of of the little dude and his multiple chins:

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