Sunday, March 6, 2011

At a Year Old...

At a year old, here is what Drew is doing:

  • Pulling up on everything and anything he can get his hands on.
  • Has taken a few steps and likes to walk assisted through the house.  He can stand on his own as well but doesn't have the confidence to try it on his own yet.
  • Is consistently saying 4 words:  momma, dadda (his favorite), nanna, baba.
  • Has gotten 2 more teeth on the bottom right for a total of 10 teeth.
  • Is being much more fussy when it comes to eating.  Some of his favorite foods include blueberries, cheerios, oatmeal, bananas, goldfish crackers, puffs, and oranges.  As soon as he sees the box of cheerios come out, he gets very excited and starts going "mmmmmm" as he opens and closes his hands. 
  • For anything he doesn't like, he will actually pull it out of his mouth and throw it on the floor.  This includes any type of meat, cheese, egg, and cottage cheese.  He sure is making it difficult getting protein in.  We've resorted back to purees for now just to get some in.
  • He's on 3/4 milk and 1/4 formula.  He's ready to be on milk full time but I am not 100% ready to let it go cause I know it contains the nutrients he needs.  We have a well visit check this week with the pediatrician so we'll see where to go from here.
  • Overall, he's a very happy kid.  Unless he's tired or happy, he's smiling and doing a lot of "talking".
  • He's had a bit of a sleep regression since he's figured out how to pull up in his crib and can't figure out how to get himself back down.  We've been trying to teach him!
  • He's still comfortably in 12 month clothes but I have a feeling he'll be in 18 month soon.
  • He knows his shoes and how to turn the light switches on and off.
  • He's truly amazing and we love every single second we have with him!!

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