Sunday, January 30, 2011

11 Months Old!

On occasion, I have been known to worry about Drew's development because at 11 months, he is still not pulling himself up so when I went into Drew's room to get him after his nap, I see this:

So while it's not technically pulling himself up, it's definitely progress and we'll take it.  Even though he isn't pulling up, he is doing so many things, including:
  • Walking assisted through the entire house.  It's all he wants to do.  Walk back and forth through the bedroom, into the bathroom, through the kitchen and family room and then again.  He loves it!!!
  • He's eating a ton of new foods and he is doing really well.  He seems to really like breakfast foods just like his dad.  These include waffles, pancakes, toast, etc.  He also really likes pastas, mashed potatoes, chicken, bananas, blueberries, and oatmeal.  He also loves his puffs or little fishies as well. 
  • He's still drinking about 24-26 oz of formula and he isnt doing so well with his sippy cups.  He would much rather drink right from a glass.
  • He still really likes to kick his legs.  Whenever he gets bored with a toy, he'll crawl to a wall, put his butt up against the wall and kick.  We try to re-direct and it does work but it's a favorite past time for Drew and he does more often than I would like. 
  • He says about four words now.  Momma, Dadda (his favorite), Nanna, and baba.  
  • He's cruising pretty regularly between toys now.  He likes to go between his play table and his bouncer then back again.  He does pretty well!
  • He still likes to jump in his bouncy as well.
  • He's fascinated with remote controls and cords.  We have to make sure they are all picked up or hidden or he'll go directly for them.
  • He loves to have his hair combed in the morning or after his baths.  He also loves to have his face washed after he's done eating.
  • He knows how to high five and we are working on waving hello and goodbye!
  • He loves, loves, loves music.  In church, he will sit contently on anyone's lap and listens to the praise band play.  I am sure it helps that Grandpa Todd and Uncle Jeff plays in the band as well.
  • Although he still has off nights, he is doing great in the napping and sleeping department.  All we have to do is lay him down and say goodnight and he'll go to sleep.  He's sleeping about 10 hours at night and taking about 4 hours worth of naps during the day.  He's even sleeping in the pack n play at Nanna's house!!  That's big news!
  • When you catch him in the right mood, he loves to give big, wet kisses.  I love em!!!
  • He loves to have screaming contests and in most cases, he will win!  The boy is loud.
  • We estimate him to be around 24 pounds and 31 inches but will find out for sure at his one year checkup in March.
This little man is our dream come true and we love spending every minute we can with him!!  Thank you LORD for this miracle!

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  1. What a big smartie pants! Loves tech like his dad.

    I'm shocked he not only tolerates his face being wiped, but loves it. Jack would rather die of crusted-on food than to have his face washed! LOL