Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Ready for Drew's 1st Birthday!

Just so we are clear, I can't believe that Steve and I are making preparations for the little dude's 1st birthday party!  It feels like we just had him instead of getting ready to celebrate Drew's first year of life!  It's so crazy to me.

Anyway, we decided to do a train themed birthday party since dad is so into trains.  I found a very cute invite online that matched with the theme but it required a picture of Drew.  So i ordered him a conductor's hat and we began the oh so challenging task of getting a good picture.  :)

Here's what we got the first night we tried:

Daddy trying to make Drewsie feel better by wiping away the tears:

Annnnnddddd, not so much!:

So we decided to put the camera away for the night and try again the following evening!  Getting closer:

momma, I am getting tired!!!!:

But we persevered and got our shot!  What a gorgeous smirk!  Love this kid:

oh and just cause, what a ham:

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