Monday, June 27, 2011

Drew's 1 Year Well Visit and A Case of the Sickies!

Drew's well visit went great!  He weighed in at 24 lb 8oz (75% percentile) and 32" (95% percentile).  The doc told us that he would most likely be tall and he was happy with his verbiage (he has 4 words at 1 years old).

However; Just 11 days after his 1st birthday, Drew got his first major illness.  Definitely not one of the firsts I was looking forward to!

He started with a low grade fever the day after his well visit so I am sure he picked something up there.  Just a few days later, his fever reached 104.  We alternated tylenol with motrin to try and keep it down and we would for a while, just to have it shoot back up.  3 days into the high fever and 1 doctor visit later, we just couldn't keep a head of it.  Drew was extremely lethargic and his little heart was just racing so we knew it was time to bring him in to the ER (since it was Saturday).  

We got him there and they immediately took us back.  Fever was still around 103-104 and they were concerned he was dehydrating so they decided to start an IV and keep us for the night.  Not the news we wanted to hear.  It took 3 different people to get the IV in and lets just say, this momma wasnt happy.  I was miserable that my little boy was miserable and I just wanted him to feel better!!  I do have to say though, once they got the IV in, he really started to improve.  

I was really expecting the child's wing at Troy Beaumont to be a little better designed.  They had two babies to a very small room and practically nowhere for the parents to hang out.  We were very happy when they decided to let us go home around midnight because Drew had improved so much!  That was around 12 hours into our visit.  Even though the room was small, I was very thankful the nurses and doctors took such good care of him.  It's absolutely NO FUN seeing your little dude sick and in the hospital.  :(

Dad and his sick little dude...though with that smile on Drew's face, you really can't tell!

Feel better little dude:

The 3rd time is a charm! Finally got the IV in his foot which made it impossible to keep a squirmy child still!

I know baby.  You'll feel better soon.  In the mean time, lets eat cheerios!!

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