Friday, June 25, 2010

Drew's First Days and Weeks at Home

We brought Drew home from the hospital on March 4, 2010. Steve's mom helped us bring us home and helped get us situated and I am so thankful for that! Boy, that ride home was so nerve wracking!

Here's a few pics of Drew getting ready to come home:

I don't remember much of the first days and weeks because I was so tired from taking care of our little guy and healing from the surgery but thankfully, we took lots of pictures to help us remember!

My mom stayed with us for three weeks when Drew came home and for that, I am eternally grateful. I don't know that we would have survived those first few weeks without her. She was and still is my rock!!

Here are some pictures of Drew's first days:

My boys and girl!

My cutie already holding onto his paci for dear life!

Drew and Great Nanna Farrugia:

Drew and auntie mary doing what Drew does best...eating!

Sacked out in auntie Mary's arms:

One of my favorite early pics of Drew.  Love the smirk on his face:

Three generations of Todd men:

Grandma's babies!

Drew and daddy watching the Red Wings!

And dramatic boy!  Just like his mamma!

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