Monday, June 28, 2010

Drew's First Mother's Day!

I had such a wonderful day celebrating with Drew and Steve!  I got some really nice gifts from my boys but what meant the most to me was being able to spend time with them and enjoy the day!

We were able to see both of our moms and we were so excited to give them the gifts we made for them!  We made them a shutterfly album of Drew's life so far and also filled a picture album of all of the pictures we have taken of the little dude.  They both loved them and to be honest, that was gift enough for me!!

Giving grandma Todd her gift!

Love my grandpa Todd!

Playing!  I must have told a funny joke to really make Grandma Todd laugh!

Here is a video of grandma Abela getting her gift:

Great Nanna getting her gift!

annnnnnnd I am hungry!

annnnnd, I am spent again!!  Look at that cleavage!  haha!

I am sad that I didnt get a picture of my little guy and I together but I had a wonderful day!  

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