Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mid to End of the Year Recap - Part 1

Well, I have been a horrible, horrible blogger.  I haven't posted a thing since July 4th!!  That's totally unacceptable so it's a new year resolution to follow a friend's footsteps to do a 365 day photo challenge where you take a photo a day and post it.  It's a big challenge but looking back over the year will be amazing.  Can't wait to get started!  Anyway, let's recap the last half of the year with photos:

What a cutie!

Aunt Theresa and Uncle Nick had a barbecue at their house.  Here's Drew with one of Nick's sister's little girls.
Drew's wolverine photo shoot:

Drew playing on the slide at school:

mmmmm, cake break!

We had a cold snap here in MI and of course, all of Drew's stuff was packed so he had to borrow his nanna's pretty hat.  Haha!

His baby was hungry so Drew was sharing his banana.  :)

Covering up with the blanket his nanna made him!

Watching his favorite tv show, Wheel of Fortune!

"ninni" time.  Snuggled with his blanket and his guy.

We packed up the high chair so Drew could sit with us in his big boy seat!  He loves it!!!

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