Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mid to End of the Year Recap - Part 2: The Holidays!

Halloween!!  My little dude was a lion!  At first, he did not want to get his costume on so we had to do some bribing with what else...candy.  After he got it on, he was fine and it was off to do some trick or treating.  He ended up being a pro by the end of the night!

Next up, Thanksgiving!  Look how dapper my little dude looks in his shirt, tie and jeans!  I have to say he looked so cute and I got a lot of compliments on his outfit!

Had to get a picture with uncle Chris! Both wearing shirts and ties!

Getting a picture with Great Grandma Todd!

And now Christmas!!  Our little dude did NOT like santa this year!!  Of course, we had to wait for an hour to see him and Drew did so well waiting for about 45 minutes and that's when we started to lose him.  By the time we got to see santa, he was in total melt down mode!  When the lady at the cash register asked me if I wanted to upgrade my package, I asked her if she looked at my pictures and we all laughed.  As soon as he was done with santa, he was fine.  Little stinker!

We went to Aunt Mary's house for our annual Christmas get-together and he got a laptop!

Chilling with nannu.

We had to see Aunt Diana for Christmas, of course.  Aunt Diana continues to be one of Drew's favorite people in the whole wide world!  

Haha, Drew's old man sweater.  Christmas outfit, 2011.

At Grandma and Grandpa Todd's house.  Drew got a table and chairs from Grandma and Grandpa and a barbecue set from Uncle Chris and Aunt Jenny!  Lots of good stuff!

Off to Nanna Abela's where Drew got lots more.  What a lucky kid he is!!

Playing with his coffee maker!

And his work bench from Aunt Theresa and Uncle Nick!

Nanna and Nannu Abela got Drew a CARS 2 racing trike!  I bet he'll spend a lot of time playing with it next summer!

One of his favorite gifts this year:  a microwave that beeps and spins.  Pretty neat!

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